Operation CLICK Work sheets

Work sheets are provided in PDF file format. They require the Adobe Reader or other PDF reader to view.

Topic 1
Into battle: Australia goes to war

Work Sheet 1A:
World War I and the Gallipoli Campaign
Work Sheet 1B:
Into Battle at Gallipoli
Work Sheet 1C:
Australia's Changing Relationships with Great Britain and America
Work Sheet 1D:
Background to New Guinea 1942-43
Work Sheet 1E:
Fighting Conditions
Work Sheet 1F:
Into Battle, New Guinea in 1942-43

Topic 2
Impressions of war: Telling the story

Work Sheet 2A:
Working with Sources
Work Sheet 2B:
You Be the Detective! Interrogating Sources
Work Sheet 2C:
Biographical Profiles of World War I
Source Sheet 2D:
Impressions of World War II - Telling the Story
Work Sheet 2E:
Impressions of World War II - Activity Table
Source Sheet 2F:
Impressions of World War I - Telling the Story
Work Sheet 2G:
Impressions of World War I - Activity Table
Work Sheet 2H:
Impressions of World War I - Source Questions

Topic 3
Anzac: Exploring the legend

Work Sheet 3A:
What is Anzac?
Source Sheet 3B:
Speech by Sir William Deane
Work Sheet 3C:
Analysing a Text
Work Sheet 3D:
Describing the Legend
Work Sheet 3E:
Reflections on the Anzac Legend
Extension 3F:
The Living Legend
Extension 3G:
Kokoda - Another Anzac?

Topic 4
Australia under attack: Ringed with menace

Work Sheet 4A:
Overview of Attacks on Australia During World War II
Work Sheet 4B:
Image Fact File
Work Sheet 4C:
Map Activity
Source Sheet 4D:
Midget Submarine Attack on Sydney Harbour - Text
Work Sheet 4E:
Fact-finding Mission
Work Sheet 4F:
Answer Sheet 4F:
Crossword Solution
Work Sheet 4G:
Interpreting and Analysing Sources
Sample 4H:
Newspaper Story
Extension 4I:
Japanese Attacks

Topic 5
On active service: Challenges for survival

Work Sheet 5A:
Visual Literacy Questions
Work Sheet 5B:
On the Kokoda Track
Work Sheet 5C:
Personal Challenges Faced by the Troops
Work Sheet 5D:
Whose Service?
Work Sheet 5E:
Testing the Hypotheses
Work Sheet 5F:
Gallipoli versus Kokoda

Topic 6
Life on the home front: Supporting the war effort

Work Sheet 6A:
A National Heirloom
Work Sheet 6B:
Using 'Anzac' Question Sheet
Work Sheet 6C:
Using 'Anzac' Source Study
Work Sheet 6D:
Letter from the Attorney-General
Work Sheet 6E:
Images of the Home Front
Work Sheet 6F:
Mix and Match
Work Sheet 6G:
Air Raid Precautions for the 21st Century

Topic 7
Getting the message across: Signals, ciphers, catchwords

Work Sheet 7A:
Analysing Information Sources
Work Sheet 7B:
Communications Time Line
Extension 7C:
Government Advertising Today
Work Sheet 7D:
Recruitment Drive
Work Sheet 7E:
Evaluating Recruitment Posters
Work Sheet 7F:
Government Report
Work Sheet 7G:
Then and Now

Topic 8
What makes a hero? Courage in extreme situations

Work Sheet 8A:
Websearch for Civilian Heroes
Work Sheet 8B:
Vocabulary Building
Work Sheet 8C:
Imperial Awards for Bravery
Work Sheet 8D:
VC Recipients at Gallipoli
Work Sheet 8E:
Websearch for World War II Heroes
Work Sheet 8F:
Stretcher Bearers at Gallipoli
Source Sheet 8G:
Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels
Work Sheet 8H:
Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels

Topic 9
In captivity: Deprivation and endurance

Work Sheet 9A:
Treatment of POWs
Work Sheet 9B:
Prisoners of the Germans
Work Sheet 9C:
Herbert Hawley's Captivity
Work Sheet 9D:
Greece and Crete
Work Sheet 9E:
Prisoners of the Japanese
Work Sheet 9F:
Great Escapes

Topic 10
Commemoration: Lest we forget

Work Sheet 10A:
Word Puzzle
Answer Sheet 10A:
Word Puzzle Solution
Work Sheet 10B:
Commemorations in Our Lives
Work Sheet 10C:
Gallipoli and the Anzacs
Work Sheet 10D:
Websearch - World War II Commemorations
Work Sheet 10E:
Create a Commemorative Site
Extension 10F:
Interpretive Panels