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Educational resources

Links to other sites about Gallipoli and the Anzacs

The following links to external sites have been especially selected with teachers and students in mind. As new and interesting resources become available that we think may help you enrich your classroom experience, they will be added here.

As the internet changes, 'linkrot' is inevitable. Please inform us of any sites that have changed location or are no longer available.

Please Note: While every care is taken to provide links to suitable material from this site, the nature of the internet prevents us from guaranteeing the suitability or accuracy of any of the material that this site may be linked to. Consequently, the Department of Veterans' Affairs can accept no responsibility for unsuitable or inaccurate material that may be encountered.

Australian War Memorial
Search the AWM databases, including the details of 324,000 members of AIF 1914 – 18 and more than 200,000 photographs.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
The Commission was established in 1917. Its duties are to mark and maintain the graves of the members of the forces of the Commonwealth who were killed in the two World Wars, to build memorials to those who have no known grave and to keep records and registers, including, after the Second World War, a record of the Civilian War Dead. The site provides access to the register database.

Gallipoli 1915: The Drama of the Dardanelles
The exhibition is the product of a Joint Australian War Memorial/Imperial War Museum Battlefield Study Tour of Gallipoli in September 2000. It includes contributions from some of the world's leading experts on the campaign including Ashley Ekins (AWM) and Nigel Steel & Peter Hart (IWM). There are also contributions from (among others) John Lee (the biographer of Sir Ian Hamilton) and Professor Peter Simkins (formerly Senior Historian at the IWM), as well as current staff from the two institutions. It combines video, sound, photographs and documents - using them to illustrate and examine many of the key aspects of the campaign.

Australian Story: Carve their Names with Pride
From the ABC website: The story of how North MacKay High School students travelled to Europe to visit Gallipoli and the war graves of Belgium and France, and to document and photograph particular graves for family members back in Australia.

The Gallipoli Association
A non-profit organisation furthering the memories of the Gallipoli Campaign. The site includes a number of photographs and paintings, a list all the units involved, photographs of many of the political and miltary personalities and a listing of all Allied ships engaged in, or connected with, Gallipoli operations (includes transports ferrying troops from Britain, Australia, New Zealand and France, and their escorting warships).

Death of Gallipoli veteran
Walter Parker, one of the last three Australian survivors of the Gallipoli campaign, died just a day after Australia Post issued a set of stamps bearing photographs of the three as young soldiers. Mr Parker, 105, died peacefully at a nursing home in Melbourne. This report comes from the Sydney Morning Herald site (25-01-00). Tip: search the news archive for "Walter Parker".

Gallipoli Anzac Helles Suvla
Jul Snelders, a visitor to Gallipoli, has built a site about his journey. The site includes a number of interesting sections, including the following two links.

How to get to Gallipoli and what to see there
A traveller's views on how to get to Gallipoli and where to stay. Included are personal photographs and commentary.

Gallipoli - Then and Now
The photographer has taken several photographs from the same vantage points as notable historical images from 1915. Roll over the images to see then and now.

Trenches on the Web - Photo Archive
Jul Snelders has contributed his Gallipoli Then and Now archive to the Trenches on the website which presents more images in greater detail.

The attack at The Nek page
A brief account of the attack at The Nek (5 -7 August 1915) prepared using C E W Bean, Official History of Australia in the War of 1914 - 18: Vol II: The Story of Anzac: 6th ed.: Angus & Robertson: 1938. Includes photographs.

A webpage that includes a number of good historical and contemporary photographs of Gallipoli.

My Hero, Ivor Williams, 21st Battalion
A personal webpage devoted to the web site owner's father - Cpl. Ivor Alexander Williams, 21st Battalion, 2nd Division 1st AIF, a survivor of Gallipoli. The site includes his diaries, photgraphs of his medals and his service record.

Anzac House Youth Hostel
Details of Anzac House Youth Hostel which is situated in Çanakkale, Turkey. Çanakkale is almost 300 kms south of Istanbul, about 6 hours by bus. Backpackers come to Çanakkale to tour the WW1 battlefields of Gallipoli and the ancient city of Troy.

Anzac officers who died at Gallipoli, 1915
A listing, with many photographs, of the Anzac officers who died at Gallipoli.

Who landed where on 25 April 1915?
A listing of the units and the the approximate times they landed. Includes a map.

Gallipoli: A Battlefield Guide
A brief review of the book by Phil Taylor and Pam Cupper, with ordering information.

First AIF
This site lists the composition of the Australian Imperial Force during the course of the Great War.

Australians at War
Australians at War, a website designed and dedicated to those Australians who served their nation over the past one hundred years. Through animated documentaries, video, audio and activities you can re-live some of the greatest events in our history, as seen through the eyes of the men and women who were there.

Discovery of the AE2
Just before the Anzac landing, the Australian submarine AE2 slipped through the Turkish defences in the Dardanelles and into the Sea of Marmara. It was subsequently sunk by Turkish forces. It has recently been found. This site provides updates on the salvage operation.

The Great War
This website, devoted to World War One, includes many links and references to the Gallipoli campaign amongst other materials, including the Australia and the Great War section.

Trenches on the Web - Special: Anzac Memories
The Trenches on the Web site is one of the most comprehensive concerning World War One. This section includes details and photographs of the Anzacs at war.

Kitchener's & Hamilton's Reports on Gallipoli
A document in the World War One Archive. Concerning Gallipoli: Lord Kitchener's Official Report as Minister of War, 9 August 1915.

The AIF Project
The AIF Project is a small site which contains information about a CD-ROM entitled First to Fall, which has many details about all 621 Australians killed on the first day of the Gallipoli land campaign, 25 April 1915.

Interview with Peter Weir, the director of Gallipoli (1981)
Part of an interview with Peter Weir from Literature/Film Quarterly, vol. 9, no. 4, 1981

The Gallipoli Campaign and the Anzac Legend
Chester Hill High School, Queensland, has built this site devoted to the Gallipoli Campaign and the Anzac Legend.

Not Only a Hero
An illustrated life of John Simpson Kirkpatrick, the Man with the Donkey. These text and images are adapted from the book by Tom Curran for the Anzac Day Commemoration Committee (Queensland).

The Great War Interviews - Wilson on Gallipoli
Trevor Wilson, University of Adelaide, comments on Gallipoli.

Anzac Day NZ
Part of the site. The content is co ordinated by the Heritage Group of the Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington, New Zealand.

The Landing at Anzac
A representation of the Landing at Anzac, April 25, 1915 by a New Zealand artist, Charles Dixon from the National Archives (NZ), NCWA Q388.

NZ Paintings of Anzac
Paintings from the National Collection of War Art, Wellington, New Zealand. Includes Horace Moore-Jones paintings of 1915, The Terrible Country Towards Suvla, Turk Entrenchment Positions, The Sphinx, Looking North Over Shrapnel Gully and The Australian Positions.

Anzac photographs (NZ)
Includes photographs of memorials at Gallipoli including Chunuk Bair, Ari Burnu and Atatürk memorials and the Memorial to a Turkish Soldier.